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Different Ways You Can Use Video

Video can be very powerful way to market online. Video provides a level of transparency that a sales letter or print does not. People get to see you. This helps immensely when marketing online. This is because online marketing requires a level of trust that isn't necessary offline. On the internet, people have to largely buy things sight unseen and hope that the seller is who they say they are and that they are going to deliver what they said that they will. There is more than one way to use video as an online marketer. We will discuss four of those ways below.

a. Testimonials: Testimonials can definitely sway people to purchase a particular product. Even individuals who understand that there is a possibility that the testimonials are completely made up, are still convinced little by them. It's almost impossible not to be. It is peer pressure at its' finest. Imagine the impact of turning up your testimonials a notch with video. Allow people to see the people who have used and benefited from your product. This will undoubtedly increase your conversion rates.

b. As a Product: Video is becoming a more popular way to deliver a product. This increases the value of what you are selling, because video actually allows you to take someone by the hand and show them how to do something. It also saves the customer time. It is much faster to watch a video then it is to read an e-book.

c. Viral Marketing: A catchy video can bring you more traffic then you ever imagined. The best viral marketing videos won't be too heavy on the hard sale. Instead, they should be creative and entertaining.

d. As an Ezine: Nearly every internet marketer has signed up for an internet ezine in their online marketing career. The probably is that after you have learned the basics, you tend to delete them as soon as they hit your inbox or completely ignore them. This is because they are for lack of a better term, boring. They typically include tons of text, some useless information and then an advertisement for the same product that every other guru is hawking.. If you want to create a successful, well read ezine, stand out a little from the crowd. A video ezine will help you accomplish this.

Using video can positively affect your internet marketing business. Video gives you a voice, shows your potential customers that you are a real person and builds credibility. There are various ways that you can use video to improve your business. Creating video testimonials, video viral marketing tools, video electronic newsletters and video products are all great ways to harness the technology and make it pay off big for you.

Article by Kevin Perry

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