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Increase The Value Of Your Product

As the internet becomes more and more competitive, it is important to make sure that your offer makes your target customer want to pull out their wallet and spend some money. Even though information is still a hot seller online, many people have been burned and purchased ebooks, only to be disappointed. This means that you will have to make every effort to ensure that potential customers don't group your offer in the "crappy e-book" category. In this article I will be providing you with some simple ways to increase the value of your online product.

a. Add Audio: Adding audio to your product will help to increase its' value. People have different learning styles and some people hate to read so offering an audio product, may help to increase its' value.

b. Create A Physical Product: Providing your product as a home study course is a great way to instantly add value. People expect to pay more for a physical product. So you can afford to charge more. Also offering a physical product conveys a higher sense of professionalism.

c. Offer Monthly Podcast Updates For a Year: Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. They allow people to listen to their favorite programs on their own time. Providing your customers with updates to your product or with new information that will benefit them, will help to greatly increase the value of your product.

d. JV and Provide a Discount to a Similar Product: Work with another internet marketer and get permission to offer their product at a discounted price to your customers. You can find potential JV partners at online marketing forums. You may also want to take some time and go through the Clickbank marketplace, or Google keywords related to your product and either call or email people whose products you are interested in.

e. Add Video: Video is becoming very popular online. For people who are visual learners, video allows them to learn in a way that is most conducive to them. Also, if you are providing a lot of information, video is a fast way to share it. This saves people time, that they would otherwise lose if they had to read your report.

People who make purchases on the internet are becoming more savvy. They have purchased plenty of ebooks that have been crap. That is why it is more important then ever, to provide some real value and to have an offer that is different from everyone else. You can accomplish this, by turning your product into video, JV'ing with another internet marketer and offering their product at a discount. Offering monthly podcasts, audio and even creating and selling a physical product, all our great ways to add value to your product.

Article by Kevin Perry

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