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Making Your PLR Content Unique

Most people are well aware of the advantages of using PLR content to build an online business. It is inexpensive and all of the necessary product development has been done for you. However, if you don't understand the best ways to maximize the sales of your PLR content, you can end up with a lot it buried on your desktop, collecting dust. This article will provide you with some important tips that will allow you to make the most money possible with PLR.

a. Change the Content: One problem with PLR content, is that everyone who has purchased the rights to a particular product, has the same package that you do. You will find that your competitors will be attempting to sell the same product at rock bottom prices. This makes it hard for you to compete. One way to overcome this is to provide content that is a little different than what everyone else is selling. You can do this by adding information to your product that you think will be valuable to your target audience.

b. Change the Graphics: Again, because PLR products are often sold to hundreds of other people, a simple change of your graphics will make your product appear to be a totally different. Consequently, it will also allow you to charge more for your product than others. Simply having a new e-book graphic as well as a new header and footer made will go a long day to making your website unique.

c. Change the Sales Page: Changing the copy of your sales page will also help. Again, your aim is to differentiate your product from the other PLR products out there. Making some tweaks will do that.

d. Add Bonuses: To give your customer more value than others selling the same product, add some kick-butt bonuses. Give them good reason to purchase from you as opposed to someone else.

e. Bundle Like Products: If you have several PLR books or some on-topic articles bundle them and provide a lot of great value to your customer.

Purchasing PLR content is a convenient way to get your online business up and running. Unfortunately, this also means that you will automatically have a lot of competition. Everyone loves convenience and will pay for it. Therefore, you have to find ways to make your content product unique. Changing the graphics, the sales page, adding more content and bonuses is a great way for you to do just that. Making sure that your product stands out from everyone else, also allows you to charge a premium. It might require you to make a little investment of both time and money but you should earn more in the end.

Article by Kevin Perry

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