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Optimizing Your Website

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Properly optimizing your website is vital when you are looking to achieve high search engine rankings. High, targeted rankings will bring you what every webmaster dreams about, free, qualified visitors. Because search engines change their algorithms every so often to keep webmasters off kilter, it is easy to become frustrated and give up on trying to achieve high rankings. Well, while some things have changed regarding search engine optimization, many things have not. In this article we will discuss the main factors for performing well in the search engines.

Don't Forget Your Tags:
I know a lot of people say that tags are no longer important to search engine optimization. I don't agree. While they might not be as important as they once were, they still are necessary. Be sure to add the keywords to wish to target to your meta, title, description and H1 tags. Remember, your title and description tags will be what show up in the search engines. You want to make it appealing enough for someone to want to visit your website.

Links Are King: Links are still king. You could have the most gorgeous website that has outstanding on-page optimization, but if you do not have links, you will not see much movement  in the search engines unless either your niche doesn't have much competition or you are piggybacking off of a more respected site such as Ezine Articles, Associated Content or a Hub page.

Add New Content: I know you have heard it before. The search engines love fresh content. Be sure to add pages to your website often. This will give you an advantage over stagnant websites.

Optimize Your Text: Optimizing your text is very important. However, gone are the days where you can you stuff your website with keywords. Today, many of the biggest search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing. Which simply means that they want to see words related to your keyword in your text. So if you have a website about airplanes, it would be logical for wods such as Boeing, or Airbus to appear on your website.

Consider Your Domain Name: You may also want to consider purchasing a domain name that has the keyword that you are targeting in it. While this shouldn't make or break you, it definitely helps. If you do some quick research on Google, you will find that many of the top ranked sites have keywords in their domain names.

Search engine optimization is great way to flood free, targeted traffic to your website. It also can be incredibly frustrating. You may see your website on page one of the search engines one day, and then no where to be found the next. Optimizing your site will be an ongoing job. You will need to always be adding new, optimized content and generating incoming links. You also will have to be willing to go to battle with those ranked below you, who are looking to steal your spot and take your rankings. The people you pass will also be looking to regain their rankings. However, if you are committed to the work and can pull it off, you will find yourself richly rewarded with the bank account to prove it. 

Article by Kevin Perry

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