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Popular Article Distribution Websites

make money online with a low budget
Using an article distribution service can help you attract visitors to your website and perhaps even pick up incoming links. This latter benefit is debatable and depends on whether or not you believe in the duplicate content theory. Some people swear it exists, while others refute that it does.

If it the duplicate content penalty theory is a farce, you stand the chance of getting a good number of back links from article distribution. However, if you believe that Google does penalize people for duplicate content, then you probably believe that article distribution sites are only beneficial for getting visitors and will not help you in any way when it comes to incoming links.

Some article directories attempt to get around the duplicate content penalty by spinning your article and then sending it out to various directories, websites and groups. Other distribution sites will simply take your article and shoot it out to various publishers. If the company that you work with has a good list of publishers or directories that have active readers, either type of distribution service might be effective in gaining you traffic and hopefully sales. The primary difference is that the spun articles might help you gain better search engine positioning. Below is a short list of the internet's top article distribution websites.

Article Marketer: Article Marketer is one of the oldest and most well respected article distribution sites. They are fairly affordable but only accept, quarterly, annual and lifetime memberships, so expect to hand over a nice chunk of change. A quarterly membership will cost you roughly $89.99. This is for unlimited articles. An annual membership will cost you $249.99. A lifetime membership is currently $499.99 but is going to be raised to $799.99 soon. Article Marketer has a huge distribution list and reportedly reaches nearly 70,000 people.

Isnare: iSnare has been providing article distribution since 2004. They will send your article to over 1000 publishers. The articles won't be unique, so some of the search engine effectiveness might be diminished due to duplicate content. However, you will get your articles sent to a lot of places, which hopefully will transfer into page views and sales.

A huge benefit of iSnare is their prices. They are affordable. You can send out 5 articles for only $10, ten articles for $18 and twenty-five articles for $38. iSnare is very cost effective and will fit in the budget of most internet marketers.

Submit Your Article: Submit Your Article has been around since 2003. They provide an article distribution service that will send your articles to an extensive number of article directories. Their service differs from other article distribution sites in that they will send take your original article, create original versions of your articles and then submit them. This will benefit you a great deal because you won't be penalized for duplicate content. Therefore, your article has many more chances of moving up in the search engines because all of your articles will be unique and won't "cancel" each other out.

One disadvantage of the service is that you can only send up to 8 articles a month out. If you depend on article marketing to provide you with the bulk of your website or blog's traffic, 8 articles may not be enough for you. It cost $37 a month to use the service.