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Using Social Networking to Improve Traffic

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Using social networking websites can help you get traffic and also can help improve your search engine rankings. Social bookmarking and networking sites are fairly new. However, they have been used pretty steadily for the past two years. More and more Internet marketers are beginning to understand the power that they have to bring in traffic and also to enable websites to move up in the search engines.

Below, we are going to offer some tips to maximize the benefit of social bookmarking and social networking sites.

1. Make friends: Social networking sites are named so because they are social web sites. They are a gathering place for individuals who have the same interests or who at least like to discuss how they feel about various topics including news reports, sports, business or entertainment.

One way to ensure that you stick out on a social networking site, is to reach out and make friends. If you have friends, you have people to send alerts to when you add something to your blog or web site. It is very difficult to succeed long-term on these types of sites without making friends. Sure, you can get a few sales here and there but it is much more beneficial and profitable to make friends. By doing so, you increase your potential sales base.

2. Don't Be A Salesman (or woman): When you visit social networking sites, if it's at all possible, try not to just simply add an affiliate sales page and then disappear. People on social networking sites are turned off by this. They are there to socialize, speak their minds and to get information. Therefore, provide a web site that is more then a sales page. If you have a blog, make sure that you're commenting on it and adding things to it on a regular basis so that people perceive you as an asset. If they find that you have something to say and you are not simply there to sell them something, they are more apt to buy from you when you do have something sale.

3. Stick Around: Succeeding on social networking sites is all about consistency. Consistently adding something to the conversation and providing something of value is vital.

4. Tag Correctly: When you are submitting your web sites to social bookmarking and networking sites, make sure that you use the correct tags so that people can find you. It does you no good if people are not able to see your website. Think about what keywords people would likely look under when looking for web sites similar to yours and make sure to tag accordingly.

5. Post on Sites That Are Do Follow: A few years ago, sites started to add do not follow tags, which meant that you could not really benefit from another website's page rank. However, there are still some social bookmarking and networking sites that have high PR and are do follow. Make sure to look for these and to post your websites on them. It is also important to note, that just because a site uses a Do Not Follow tag, does not mean that you should avoid using the site. You still may be able to get a lot of traffic.

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