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Why You Should Use Videos for Marketing

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Video has become a popular medium. A recent study found that nearly 60% of internet users watch videos online. We are a nation that loves television and online video is a natural progression of that. Internet marketers can take advantage of this phenomenon. Video becomes a great way to advertise a product or even to present one. In this article, we will be discussing why as an online marketer, you should use video.

a. People Like Videos: A video stimulates both our visual and auditory senses. This makes it a much more powerful medium than an e-book or sales letter. People also appreciate videos. They understand that time and effort has gone into their production, so they impress people a little more than print does.

b. Video Provides Credibility: Video is seen as much more professional. Thus you instantly have a leg up on any website that does not have video. Videos are still seen as special, and if you have video on your site, this will help your image and increases your credibility.

c. Video Can Go Viral: How often have you received an email with a link to a funny or shocking video? If someone views your video and sees something that they like or thinks is interesting, they will most likely share it.

d. Videos Are Efficient: No beating around the bush. You can say exactly what you want , with the intended tone, with video. Because viewers can see your body language while you are talking, there is no need to drone on for an extended length of time, like you might with a sales letter. People will appreciate this, because these days, time is at a premium.

e. Videos Allow You to Be Creative: Video allows you more opportunity to be creative. The manner that you choose to promote your product on video is only hindered by your imagination.

Video has fast become one of the most popular mediums on the internet. Video sites like Youtube, are some of the most visited in the world. Video provides both auditory and visual stimulation. As a result, they are much more impactful then simply reading text. Internet marketers would be wise to incorporate video into their websites and even into their product offerings. This is because people love videos, video provides credibility. They also have the potential to go viral and be seen by millions of people. Video is also efficient and allows you be to be creative. Smart marketers should jump on board while they have still have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Article By Kevin Perry

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